J.C. Braakensiekzaal

Theatre/ceremony setup: 55 || Sit down dinner: 55
Walking dinner: 70 ||Party layout: 70

The original J.C. Braakensiekzaal with a big wink to the tail of the Golden Age, in which Paardenburg was founded. The spacious room is perfect for a birthday reception, weddings, business events or private dinners.  


We do not charge a room rental, only a minimum spending per part of the day, this minimum spending is for the J.C. Braakensiekzaal:

Morning (08:00 – 12:00) : €300,-

Afternoon (12:30 – 17:00) : €375,-

Day (08:00 – 17:00) : €600,-

Evening (17:00 – 00:00) : €800,-

Johan Coenraad Braakensiek

These paintings were painted around 1890 by Johan Coenraad Braakensiek, at that time a well-known picture artist who drew illustrations for many newspapers and books. The illustrations of the book Dik Trom, for example, are by his hand, but there is also a work by him in the Rijksmuseum. The story goes that he was a regular guest who at one point or another was no longer able to pay his receipt. In exchange he made these paintings: